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Educational Institutions

  • CNN Higher Secondary School
  • CNN Boys’ High School
  • CNN Girls’ High School
  • CNN Boys’ LP School
  • CNN Girls’ LP School
  • ALP School, Urakam
  • Sree Sankara Sisu Vidhyamandiram (Pre-School-Unaided)
  • Sanjeevani Sisu Vidhyamandiram (Pre-School-Unaided)
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Child Care Units

  • Sanjeevani Balikasadanam, Urakam (Sanctioned Strength: 75)
  • Swamy Agamananda Balasadanam, Palazhy, Pudukkad (Sanctioned Strength: 40)
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Old Age Homes

Agricultural Activities & Cow Farms

  • The 3 ½ ace Ashram compound is by the side of the river and hence there is plenty of water available for irrigation and drinking purpose.
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Sree Dharmasastha Temple , Palazhy

  • Sree Dharmasastha Temple situated adjacent to the Ashram was also functioning as a subsidiary unit of the Palazhi Ashram.
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Sree Ramakrishna Ashramam

  • Established by Swamy Nirmalananda, a direct disciple of Sree Ramakrishna Swamy Agamananda popularly known as Kerala Vivekananda had stayed here performingDhyan and other ashram activities
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Women Empowerment Schemes

  • Tailoring unit
  • Conducting counseling classes
  • Yoga training
  • Personality Development programmes and awareness classes.
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Sanjeevani Samithi

Inspired by RSS ideologies, RSS Swayam Sevaks in the erst while Irinjalakuda SanghaJilla (Thrissur revenue district) founded a Charitable Trust in the year. 1986 primarly to take over the management of CNN Schools Cherpu (Govt. Aided).

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