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After the take over of the management of CNN Schools, Samithi ventured to take up an important Charitable activity by starting a Child Care Unit at Urakam in the year 1993 naming it as Sanjeevani Balikasadanam. The one-acre compound and the old tiled roof ancestral house got dedicated to Sanjeevani Samithi as a benevolent act by Late. Gopurathingal Parvathiyamma and her daughter Karthyayani Amma paved the way for this venture. Balikasadanam initially had six inmates and one Chathravas (Warden). By the active participation, involvement, and help of RSS Swayam Sevaks inUrakam, Cherpu, Karuvannur and Irinjalakuda etc. And Thrissur areas and even other distant places, the activities of Balikasadanam started picking up momentum in the following years. There was around awareness campaign during this period locally and elsewhere and even in Gulf countries during this period.

The substantial amount of donations could be collected by these campaigns, particularly from our good wishers employed in Gulf Countries. The fund made available by our friends in Gulf Countries ie. Rs. 14 lakhs and the entire savings of the two pious ladies mentioned above (Gopurathingal Parvathy amma & Karthyayaniamma) also got dedicated to us in the meantime gave us enough encouragement and confidence to take up developmental activities in Balika sadanam. In place of the old tiled roof building suitable office accommodation, prayer hall and hostel building of approximately .. sqft. area costing about .. lakhs rupees were constructed during the period 1998 - 2006. The contributions of persons who served as Chathravas (Warden) at different times from M/s. Rajeswary, Ponnamma, Rathi, Sini, Kala and Bindu Balakrishnan to the present wardens M/S. Sini and Reena deserve special recognition and appreciation. Their contributions are gratefully acknowledged.

As a further development, the old kitchen building was demolished and in its place a new three-storied RCC building having an area of -------- sqft. was built in the year ------ in order to house kitchen/ dining hall, hostel, and other facilities. Cost of construction of the new building was -------.

With a view to inculcate the culture of agriculture in the inmates of Balika sadanam paddy fields for a total extent of 08 acres were acquired adjacent to Balikasadanam compound and paddy cultivation is done regularly. Along with this, a small cow farm is also maintained. Six cows (all Indian variety) are being looked after.

Activities: Balikasadanam wakes up by 5 AM daily and remains active till 10-10.30 in the night. Morning prayer (Pratha smarana) is at 6.00 AM attended by all inmates and all staff members available on duty at that time. This is followed by Yoga exercises from 7 to 8 AM. The children do their learning and after breakfast, they get ready for going to school/college etc. After return from school, all the children assemble at Sanghasthan(place specified for performing RSS Sakha activity) by about 4.30 PM. This Sakha programme will last for 1 hour. Evening prayer is from 6.00 PM to 6.30 PM and all inmates and available staff members will participate in this Bhajan.

On holidays inmates assemble at 4.30 PM for Sevika Samithi Sakha (RSS Sakha for women) and do the usual Sakha activities for one hour. A Balagokulam unit (Children's cultural development wing of RSS) also functions here with regular one-hour activity on all Sundays starting at 2 PM. All the aforesaid activities provide opportunities for children for their physical, mental and cultural developments. Children found to have an aptitude for art-related activities are given special training in music/dance etc. Apart from the usual daily routine activities annual personality development programmes are also arranged for the children during school vacation. Children are guided and encouraged to do a little bit of kitchen work and cleaning and upkeep of Balikasadanam buildings and premises. They are also guided to involve themselves in vegetable garden, looking after cows, gardening and other small works etc. The daily activities in Balikas Sadanam are so designed as to help the children to grow up with full potential as responsible citizens.

Inmates Selection Method

Applications received from various parts of Kerala recommended by Sangha Pariwar functionaries of the respective areas are scrutinized by a scrutiny committee constituted specifically for the purpose and based on this committees recommendation, girls in the age group of 5 to 15 who have lost their parents and those who have parents but belonging to very poor financial background are considered for admission. At present, there are 68 inmates in the Balikasadanam.


Facilities are afforded to all the children for their education in the local schools. After SSLC and Plus, two those who intend to pursue higher studies are allowed to continue their stay in the Balikasadanam and given opportunities for their higher studies. Following are the few who have taken up higher studies and done remarkably well.


Decent living accommodation and other facilities conforming to standards prescribed under J J Act are provided to the inmates in the hostel block. Separate study room, a library, facilities for sports and games and recreation/TV watching are also available on the premises. Vocational training facilities for computer training and Tailoring training are also provided. Special coaching is provided to those children with less/poor learning ability to ensure that they do not lag behind in their studies


The trust undertakes the responsibility of conducting marriages of inmates whenever suitable inquiries come. So far, we were able to marry off 15 of our inmates. It is a matter of pride and satisfaction that all these marriages could be conducted satisfactorily with support from benevolent people in the society and also that all these girls now lead a reasonably good normal family life.



An Orphanage for Boys was started in the year 1995 with 13 inmates from different parts of Kerala. Initially living space in the Ashram building was utilized to accommodate the children. As Palazhy is situated in a remote place little away from the main roads (5 Kms. from Pudukkad in the NH-544 (NH47) and 5 Kms from Urakam on the Thrissur-Kodungallur State highway) it took some time to catch public attention.

However, RSS workers in the area and elsewhere in the district tried their level best to bring this charity activity to the attention of the public and through this campaign fund mobilization gradually picked up. After shifting of the Sanskrit school functioning in the compound the school building was converted into hostel accommodation/office. This old building is not sufficient to provide standard facilities to inmates and it is necessary to construct a new hostel building. Now there are 28 inmates.

Selection Process and daily activities

Selection process and daily activities in the Balasadanam are almost similar to that of Sanjeevani Balikasadanam except that usual RSS Sakha Programmes are performed here with special prayers (Sandhya vandhanam and training in Pooja rituals). The boys are also trained in swimming making use of the facilities available in the river adjacent.

Sanjeevani Samithi

Inspired by RSS ideologies, RSS Swayam Sevaks in the erst while Irinjalakuda SanghaJilla (Thrissur revenue district) founded a Charitable Trust in the year. 1986 primarly to take over the management of CNN Schools Cherpu (Govt. Aided).

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