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Sree Rama

Krishna Ashram

Palazhi Sree Ramakrishna Ashramam situated on the banks of Karuvannur river in a 3 1/2 Acre compound was established by Sri. Sri Nirmalananda Swami Maharaj, one of the direct disciple of Sree Ramakrishna Parama Hamsa. Swami Nirmalananda was the founder of Sree Ramakrishna movements in Kerala. After Nirmalananda Swami disassociated from the Belur (Kolkatta) Ramakrishna Mutt, the Palazhi Ashram was brought under the control of Ottappalam Ramakrishna Ashram which was also functioning independently. Sree Dharmasastha Temple situated adjacent to the Ashram was also functioning as a subsidiary unit of the Palazhi Ashram. However, since Nirmalananda Swami had no proper lineage of disciples Ottappalam Ashram authorities were finding it difficult to carry on the activities here at Palazhy satisfactorily and somehow the ashram and the temple came under the control of Late. Krishna Warrier of the locality. This gentleman had created controversy by insisting that he would not allow the students to sing the national Anthem Janaganamana in the model Sanskrit Educational Institution ie. Sudarsana Vidhya Peetam established and run by him adjacent to the Ashram. He was insisting that he would allow Vandematharam only to be sung instead of Janaganamana. This issue had gone up to Supreme Court level and it had invited a lot of Media publicity. It is another matter that finally the honorable Supreme Court dismissed all the pleas of Sri Warrier and delivered a judgment that Janaganamana should be sung in this school also as in the case of other educational institutions.

The above incident would indicate the peculiar attitude and character of Sri Krishna Warrier. Further to this, he was a typical orthodox person of the old times and he was a firm believer of untouchability and his action of non-admission of lower caste devotees to the Dharma Sastha Temple created another controversy leading to large scale protests/ agitations in the temple premises for several years. It was history that RSS took the leadership for taking up the agitation to its logical end. As a result of the agitation and also Court intervention, Sri warrior got isolated in the society and he had no option except to give up all his responsibilities in the management of Ashram end temple. Though technically both the institutions came under Ottapalam SRK Ashram after the exit of Sri Krishna Warrier, they had no manpower to arrange the management of Palazhi Ashram and temple. They voluntarily handed over the rights of Ashram/Temple and properties to RSS which was spearheading the Palazhi agitation. As per directives from RSS State leadership, Sanjeevani Samithi took over the Ashram Temple and properties in the year 1995 and started doing the management of these institutions with the help and support of local people. The efforts of Sanjeevani Team in right earnest over the years yielded remarkable results. The following are the activities undertaken now.

Temple Administration

The temple administration is getting done through local committee constituted for the purpose. This committee will look after the day to day activities in the temple. Usual annual festivals and other functions are also arranged with local support.


Daily poojas and bhajans and also special functions on important occasions like Sree Ramakrishna Jayanthi, Agamananda Jayanthi etc., etc. are conducted. Local Devotees as also those from adjacent places do visit the Ashram and participate in the ashram activities. Special discourses by sanyasis / religious leaders are arranged on important occasions. The old tiled roof building is required to be renovated retaining its heritage and architectural beauty.

Sanjeevani Samithi

Inspired by RSS ideologies, RSS Swayam Sevaks in the erst while Irinjalakuda SanghaJilla (Thrissur revenue district) founded a Charitable Trust in the year. 1986 primarly to take over the management of CNN Schools Cherpu (Govt. Aided).

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