The vision involves improving the facilities to extend help to more unfortunate lives

  • Improving the facilities at Agamananda Balasadanam Premises (In about 3.5 acres on the banks of Kurumali puzha , at palazhi) to support 50 boys. The project estimate is Rs15 lakhs.
  • To improve the facilities at the Balika Sadanam to support physically challenged girls and children. The project estimate is 10 lakhs.
  • Old age homes .where elderly can spend their twilight years in harmonious environment, in dignity. The project envisages 10 two-room cottages which can accommodate 40 people. The project estimate is Rs 30 lakhs
  • Stree Shaktheekarana Kendram(Women empowerment Centre)at Urakam in the premises given by late Smt Gopurathil Karthyayani Amma .Samithi aims to build a hostel and workshop here to help orphaned and other hapless women. They will be provided vocational training and training to improve leadership and entrepreneurial skills. The estimated amount is Rs25 lakhs.
  • Sree Lakshmi Vanitha Swasraya Kendram for women, which will focus on counseling, providing home-nursing services and for providing direction and support for such women empowerment programmes of the Samithi. The estimated amount is Rs 5 Lakhs.
  • Creating Voluntary Blood donation Organizations of people with a bent for social service. This wing will spread the importance of blood donation, conduct free blood group testing camps, organize voluntary blood donation groups and the like. It involves setting up a computerized office, vehicles, laboratory, etc:-The total estimated amount is Rs 7 lakhs.
  • Organizing Grama Seva Samithis (Village Self-Help Groups) to impart direction and provide facilities to create self –help centers, organize voluntary blood donation groups, co-ordinate cultural activities, organize libraries in villages etc
  • Construction of Karthu Amma Memorial Prayer Hall in place of the existing old building in Balika Sadanam at Urakom. The project estimate is Rs 10 lakhs.